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The Face Serum is a powerful booster of active ingredients with a fluid consistency that allows it to be applied before the face cream. It is an essential step in the daily beauty ritual because it focuses on a specific skin need, thus making the treatment more effective. There are many types of face serums, but the real star is the one based on hyaluronic acid. In the The Prime Numbers line, this is precisely the Face Serum Number 1, organic and vegan, it has a hyper-concentrated formula, rich in hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, such that it both remains on the surface to create a barrier effect and penetrates the skin at different levels and replenishes the tissues with water. An immediate plump effect and deep hydration are guaranteed.

There are also other types of specific serums: illuminating, anti-stain, calming, purifying, soothing, smoothing and detoxifying. In the The Prime Numbers line we offer complete organic face serums. There is the Illuminating Face Serum 2, with a special plant ferulic acid extracted from artichokes, apples, oats and coffee. This ingredient stimulates cell renewal in the most superficial part of the skin, freeing it from the layer of dead cells and impurities accumulated over time. It restores light and radiance to dull skin. In addition, it contains a mix of revitalising vitamins C, E and B5 and pure, soothing and calming aloe vera juice. Apply to well cleansed skin, morning and evening, and wait two minutes before applying your face cream. And finally, there is Argan Oil Serum 3, an enhancement of Argan Oil Face Cream 3. It has a deep intensive regenerating action due to the unsaturated fatty acids found in organic argan oil. It makes the skin more elastic, and helps if you have problems with acne, eczema, psoriasis or even just redness due to harsh or too hot weather. It has a soothing and calming effect thanks to the botanical infusion of organic chamomile, as if it were a herbal tea for the skin. Unlike the face cream, the serum has a light, fluid consistency and is highly concentrated. Its action is more immediate because it is strengthened and able to go deeper. If you have oily skin, you can also use it on its own, morning and evening. It has an instant smoothing effect and, unlike the cream which has a long-lasting effect, the serum should be applied more regularly. That's why it's a good idea to combine them, choosing a few drops of serum first, and then proceeding with a nice massage of a cream.