NUMERO 19 Delicate Body Cleanser

250 ml

The body cleanser softens, smooths and gently cleanses even the most sensitive skin. Daily shower or bath becomes a pleasant moment to keep the skin supple and hydrated.



One of the most well-known plants in the world, used by humans for millennia and always a symbol of healing, there is even a record dating back to 2200 BC. It contains at least 160 active compounds with multifaceted activities. Its hydrating properties are due to sugars capable of retaining the water that is naturally present on the skin and not allowing it to evaporate. It also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal effects. It penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, acting as a carrier for other oils. It is a concentrate of vitamins and minerals. Among the vitamins we have A (regenerative action), C (promotes iron absorption and stimulates collagen production), E (tocopherol, antioxidant par excellence), and the B group; the minerals stimulate the immune system and promote the healing of damaged skin, also having a soothing, anti-redness and calming effect. It prevents dehydration and strengthens the hydrolipidic film that covers and protects the skin. The result is soft, hydrated, luminous and perfectly uniform skin.

NUMERO 19 Delicate Body Cleanser

Natural product

NUMERO 19 Delicate Body Cleanser
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