NUMBER 17 Protective moisturizing fluid

50 ml
Deeply moisturize the skin for a smoother and fresher appearance; thanks Beauty Osmosis and its organic ingredients. Ideal for all types of skin it can be used both in summer and in winter, whenever you have dry skin.


Aloe Vera extract, rich in vitamins, including: Vitamin A, known for its regenerating action; Vitamin C, with antioxidant activity and lightening properties; Vitamin E, with its antioxidant properties; B vitamins, including Vitamin B5, which has an anti-dehydrating and anti-inflammatory action. Borage oil is an excellent ally as it combats skin ageing and has a regenerative effect on skin cells, while also combating skin inflammation; it is also very useful for treating blemishes.
Rice bran, a natural UVA and UVB filter, is a strong antioxidant and skin soother, ideal for irritated and sensitive skin. The stimulating action of phyto-endorphins makes it a pleasure to use this cream, which deeply moisturises the skin for a smoother and fresher appearance. Its light texture is ideal for skins of all types and ages.
Sacha Inchi, the Inca peanut, is the richest
vegetable oil in terms of Omega 3 (as much as fish) but also Omega 6 (33.4%) and Omega 9 (7.2%), fatty acids which help combat the action of free radicals. This oil prevents and reduces wrinkles and keeps the skin well moisturised, reinforcing the natural hydrolipidic barrier and protecting it from irritation and inflammation. Perfect for restoring softness to dry, dehydrated skin.
One of the main functions of Jojoba is to maintain the moisture content of the epidermis and protect it from dehydration and external factors such as chemicals in the air, sun and wind. Rich in B vitamins, vitamin E and fatty acids, Jojoba oil counteracts ageing by reducing and preventing the formation of wrinkles. It also has a mild anti-inflammatory and soothing effect and is suitable for all skin types.

NUMBER 17 Protective moisturizing fluid


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