NUMBER 5 Intensive anti-wrinkle serum

30 ml
This serum, made with precious organic oils and Beauty Osmosis ®, is extremely effective and potent. It gives the skin a more radiant, relaxed, hydrated, and compact look, minimizing imperfections and fine lines.


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This serum is composed of the most powerful oils with protective, anti-aging and moisturizing action. A true cure for our skin.


It is extracted from the ROSA RUBIGINOSA which grows spontaneously in Chile and the Andes. It contains a very high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the most abundant being linoleic acid which is not synthesized by our organism but is fundamental for the regeneration of cells giving elasticity and flexibility to the cell walls, also limiting the loss of hydration molecules of the skin thus keeping it hydrated.

Rosehip oil also contains antioxidant Vitamin E, Vitamin K against redness and couperose, emollient and antioxidant squalene and retinol that comes from Vitamin A and stimulates cellular repair.


It is obtained from the pulp of the fruit and is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic and palmitoleic acid, thus having regenerating properties and good healing power. It also contains tocopherols (Vitamin E), carotenoids, sterols and phytosterols, which are antioxidants, photoprotective, anti-inflammatory and combat skin aging.

Avocado oil leaves a protective film on the skin, functioning as a barrier for epidermal protection. It promotes the production and regeneration of cells by stimulating the activity of fibroblasts (fibroblasts produce collagen, elastic fibers, reticular fibers and substances that position themselves between cells, functioning as real support for the skin).

Therefore, avocado oil is an excellent anti-wrinkle agent, protecting the skin deeply and strengthening it against atmospheric aggressions. It helps healing, is super moisturizing, super nourishing and promotes the ability of the skin to absorb, while avoiding loss of hydration.


Like all oils whose active ingredients we want to preserve, this one is also obtained by cold pressing the seeds. It is an excellent ally as it counteracts skin aging and has a regenerating effect on skin cells, while also fighting skin inflammation. It is a natural antioxidant and can also be used on impure skin as it improves it. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 6, it contributes to cellular regeneration, increasing elasticity. Useful for combating skin blemishes, as it balances capillary circulation.

Borage oil is currently the most powerful anti-wrinkle product known.


Increases skin absorption capacity because its fatty acid content is very similar to that of the skin, which easily absorbs it and can penetrate more deeply, carrying any other oils present with it. Ideal for dry, fragile, and sensitive skin. It has emollient and smoothing properties. 

With a high concentration of palmitoleic acid, a powerful antioxidant, it is similar to skin lipids and helps the skin remain elastic and hydrated for longer. Linoleic acid, Omega 3 and Omega 6 make it an effective anti-aging agent. Rich in minerals, vitamins, and flavonoids (valuable natural antioxidants), it fights free radicals.


The unique nature of jojoba oil’s lipid constituents allows for greater penetration and rapid absorption, as well as high film-forming activity. 

It also provides protective action against the sun, as these molecules remain stable to UV rays. One of jojoba’s primary functions is to maintain skin hydration and protect it from dehydration and external factors such as chemicals in the air, sun, and wind. Rich in B vitamins, vitamin E, and fatty acids, jojoba oil combats aging by reducing and preventing the formation of wrinkles. It also has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, making it suitable for acne-prone skin and all skin types.


Argan oil comes from the Argania spinosa tree, which grows in the spontaneous forests in southwestern Morocco, in Essaouira. These forests are designated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Argan oil is one of the most incredible and versatile products on the face of the earth. It is a true youth concentrate, containing high percentages of antioxidants, vitamin A, flavonoids, fatty acids, and high quantities of omega 3 and 6. The combination of all these elements is absorbed by the skin and used to fight cell aging by destroying free radicals. It stimulates cell proliferation, nourishes dry and cracked skin, prepares it for winter aggressions and aids in its healing. It does not simply moisturize the skin superficially but has a real action from within, as our skin recognizes it as a friendly product and absorbs it more quickly and deeply (this is the principle of Beauty Osmosis ®). In addition to rejuvenating skin cells, it creates a skin film that constantly moisturizes the skin, making it thicker, softer, and healthier. Another important and unique thing is that it stimulates the body to produce collagen. It nourishes, provides hydration, and improves skin elasticity, smoothness, firmness and brightness. It also has anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties and prolongs the lifespan of natural cosmetics. It is also very effective in treating acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry and burnt skin.


Rich in phytoendorphines, it guarantees an effective treatment for maintaining soft and smooth skin by stimulating microcirculation and being highly antioxidant. It also has an antiseptic function.

serum NUMBER 5 Intensive anti-wrinkle serum

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serum NUMBER 5 Intensive anti-wrinkle serum
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