NUMBER 3 Eye contour cream anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles

20 ml

With a creamy yet lightweight texture, this cream prevents and reduces wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. The delicate and thin skin around the eyes obtains maximum benefit through Beauty Osmosis ®, optimally absorbing the active ingredients. It protects against environmental factors and sunlight



Not to be confused with animal-derived Squalene, which has different effects. Our Squalane is derived from fermented sugar cane. It is naturally present in the skin’s lipid barrier and has exceptional nourishing and moisturizing properties, as well as an ability to easily penetrate the skin. It reduces small wrinkles and increases elasticity, making the skin around the eyes soft and hydrated. Its greatest effect is in the eye area.


Rich in lecithin (with antioxidant and anti-aging properties), regenerating vit A, dry skin-friendly vit D, antioxidant vit E, and minerals (important for supporting the skin), it regenerates skin cells, moisturizes, and eliminates aging due to sun exposure. 


Rich in vit A and vit E, it shields delicate skin from UV rays. Sesame oil’s most interesting characteristic is its ability to penetrate deeply and quickly soften dry skin, making it smooth and velvety. 


Extracted from the nuts of the Vitellaria Paradoxa tree, which grows wild in Africa and cannot be cultivated. It is very nourishing and rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It prevents skin aging by promoting cell renewal, making it a highly effective anti-wrinkle treatment, due to its high content of essential fatty acids that are necessary for hydration, elasticity, and skin balance. It is rich in vitamins and has excellent nourishing and antioxidant properties, creating a protective film on the skin and protecting it from external aggressions. 


Soothes and calms red skin. Has natural UVA and UVB filters, provides radiance and hydration, is a strong antioxidant, soothing, ideal for irritated and sensitive skin. Rich in Ferulic Acid, which neutralizes free radicals and absorbs UV rays. Helps prevent the formation of expression lines and maintain radiant, elastic, and toned skin. Great for the eye area. 


Comes from the Argania Spinosa tree. The Argan forests, which are spontaneous in southwestern Morocco’s Essaouira, are a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Argan oil is one of the most surprising and versatile products on the face of the earth. It helps fight aging by revitalizing the skin and stimulating cell proliferation, nourishing dry and chapped skin, preparing it for external aggressions, and aiding in healing. 

contains high percentages of antioxidants, such as vitamin E, vitamin A, flavonoids, fatty acids, carotenes, and sterols. Additionally, it has high quantities of Omega 3 and 6, citric acid, with chelating and natural preserving properties. The combination of all these components is rapidly absorbed by our body and used to fight skin aging, destroying free radicals and rejuvenating the epidermal cells from within. It also creates an external skin film that continuously moisturizes the skin, making it softer and healthier. It protects the skin from external aggressions such as sun, wind, smog, heavy metals, and various pollutants, including toxic substances that are absorbed through the skin, and UV rays. 


It has moisturizing properties due to polysaccharides (sugars) that are capable of naturally retaining the water present on the skin and not letting it evaporate, and it also protects the skin from external agents such as excessive heat or cold. 

It is rich in vitamins including: vitamin A known for its regenerating action, vitamin C, which in addition to its antioxidant and immunostimulatory activity, promotes collagen formation and has brightening properties; vitamin E, with its antioxidant properties, protects the skin by preventing damage to the cell membrane; B vitamins, including vitamin B5 which has antidehydration and anti-inflammatory actions. 


It is a natural alcohol obtained by distillation of chamomile essential oil. It has antibacterial and soothing properties and is an excellent depigmenting agent, specifically for treating dark circles.

eye contour cream NUMBER 3 Eye contour cream anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles

Natural product

eye contour cream NUMBER 3 Eye contour cream anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles
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