Starting to care for your face with a good face cream from a young age is important to keep your skin bright, toned and healthy. And if the formula is organic and clean, your skin will get all the trace elements and vitamins it needs for cellular well-being, whatever your age.

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Why use organic face creams from the age of 20

Stress, pollution, the sun and temperatures that change in seconds (such as when leaving the house and finding yourself in zero degrees) are the main enemies of the skin.

An intense lifestyle, smoking or excessive sun exposure, for example, can cause excessive formation of free radicals, which in turn attack collagen and elastin and destroy them. Thus, weantanticipate the appearance of the first wrinkles.

Moisturising is therefore the first step in restoring all the water lost to the tissues and evaporated during the day. This prevents the creation of areas of dryness and consequent irritation or cracking, which is also common at all ages.

It is best to moisturise the face morning and evening after thorough cleansing. The advice is to start early, around the age of 20 or 25, with light, non-occlusiveformulas capable of penetrating deeply without interfering with the hydrolipidic film.

Nourishing is the second step: helping facial skin to form a lipid barrier means protecting it from external damage. In addition, rebalancing metabolic functions with vitamins and minerals helps combat the formation of free radicals responsible for premature ageing.

The right mix of creams and serums for the young

Also ideal for young skins are our Argan Face Cream 3 and Hyaluronic Acid Serum 1from The Prime Numbers Biocosmetics. Both are organic, vegan and contain the best Italian-made ingredients such as sunflower oil, yarrow and sage water. Good, clean products with fabulous textures.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum 1 contains lots of organic, highly moisturising, all-natural aloe Vera, rich in vitamins A, C and E. Its properties are endless: regenerating, plumping, immunostimulating. Low and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid penetrates the epidermis deeply, but also stays on the surface to protect it from external attacks.

 Argan Oil Cream, on the other hand, as its name suggests, is based on Argan Oil from Morocco: rich in minerals, it is one of the most moisturising natural substances in the world, with lots of revitalising Omega 3 and 6, anti-ageing vitamin E and beta carotene (precursor of vitamin A) to combat the attacks of free radicals.