There is no one way to age: in ten, twenty or thirty years’ time we could have very different faces, it all depends on how we support the changes in our skin. The Prime Numbers’s line of organic face creams for mature skin is able to take only the best from nature, giving the correct nourishment to your skin through innovative cosmetic formulas, with both organic and vegan active botanical ingredients.

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Why choose organic for your anti-ageing ritual

First of all, Letizia Benini Galeffi did not want any chemical preservatives or synthetic ingredients in her formulas, but only active botanical ingredients and organic or biotechnological extracts. Common denominator among them all: cruelty free.

Secondly, the line is AIAB certified, one of the highest authorities for the organic certification of cosmetics. Thirdly, effectiveness: all formulas help cells to stay alive and active, and give visible results after just a few days.

Which Prime Numbers product is right for me?

For more mature skins, formulas rich in antioxidant ingredients are recommended, capable of counteracting the activity of free radicals. Such as Argan Oil, found in the Cream and Serum 3, a source of Omega 3 and Omega 6, which, together with vitamin E and beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, has a powerful anti-age action. Argan Cream 3 is an organic anti-wrinkle product with a full-bodied velvety texture, for those who like to dedicate 5 minutes of self-massage to themselves every evening, and a warm, natural scent.

Another organic anti-wrinkle face cream which is perfect both for the morning and the evening is Youth Cream 5, soft and fluffy, with a candid and always botanical scent, rich in protective and nourishing Shea Butter, Hops, a powerful source of natural antioxidants, and extracts of Sacha Inchi, a plant known for almost 3 thousand years for its anti-inflammatory and restructuring power. The cosmetic action of Youth Cream 5 is elasticising, toning, and is also perfect for those who have problems with irritation or cracking because it contains Argan oil.

And finally, for those in need of a special pampering, or for those over 45, there is Precious Oils Cream 11: a booster made of powerful anti-ageing botanical extracts mixed with some of the rarest and most precious plant oils. Such as Macadamia, Sacha Inchi, Pink Pepper and Argan. It is applied morning and evening, or alternated with a serum in the evening only.