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In order to keep the skin healthy and youthful, it is very important to clean the skin well without attacking it. In fact, the epidermis has its own natural hydrolipidic film which protects it from external agents such as smog, dust, polluting particles and bacteria. This is why it is always better to prefer natural, gentle cleansers and facial cleansing products that respect the pH and the balance between pre and probiotics.


Let's start by saying that cleansing your face is not to be confused with removing make-up. Removing foundation, eye shadow and kajal from the pores is the step before cleansing, and is generally carried out at night, before going to bed. In this case, we recommend two types of formula: micellar water and cleansing milk, which can also be used together. The daily cleansing and make-up removal ritual starts with these two formulas. The daily ritual is complemented by two other essential products: the first is Scrub 37, for the weekly exfoliation ritual, and the second is Purifying Cleansing Gel 31, for daily use in the case of oilier skin.

But let's start with the daily ritual: Cleansing Milk and Micellar Water

Cleansing milk is a fluid emulsion that performs a cleaning action while respecting the hydrolipidic film. It removes make-up, impurities, dissolves excess sebum, captures residues of smog and dust, and also has a high moisturising and nourishing function. However, since it has a lipid base, it is best to use micellar water or your favourite toner after a few minutes. Our Gentle Cleansing Milk 23 is specially designed for sensitive, easily irritated and slightly allergic skin. It is rich in Macadamia Oil, which, thanks to its high percentage of palmitoleic acid, helps the skin to remain elastic and moisturised for a long time. To be used both in the morning and in the evening.

Micellar Water removes make-up, cleanses and moisturises various skin types, and perfectly balances normal, mixed or impure skin. It is multifunctioning, so can be used on fragile areas and keeps the skin fresh and clean. It is also perfect for removing waterproof make-up as it captures every external particle without the need to rinse. For example, our Micellar Water 29 contains tiny natural particles that act like magnets, capturing impurities and leaving skin perfectly cleansed, soft and radiant. Also gentle on the eyes, it is rich in organic Italian sage water with a decongestant and soothing effect. It is used by soaking a cotton pad with the micellar solution.

Once a week, however, we recommend that everyone indulge in a 10-minute massage with a great organic scrub. Ours, Scrub 37, contains antioxidant-rich Acai berry microgranules, which provide a gentle, natural mechanical exfoliation. Its formula, being rich in Macadamia and Avocado oils, restores the nourishment needed to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. An excellent treatment to renew the skin, making it radiant and velvety.

 Facial cleansing is an essential part of your beauty routine. It is essential to promote cell renewal and prepares the skin to receive treatments, improving its effectiveness. Microcirculation is activated by massaging the skin, helping to optimise skin tone, while impurities such as make-up and pollution are removed, giving the face a more luminous appearance. The choice of products is fundamental: they must be gentle and easy to use, to make this daily ritual a true reflection of the skin.