About us

When a product line truly “counts”

From the pharmaceutical and artistic experience of the Galeffi family, who invented the effervescent Galeffi, and more precisely from the creativity and intuition of Maria Letizia Benini Galeffi, I Numeri Primi was born – the first organic skincare line with the efficacy of cosmeceuticals. Formulas are created only with pure botanical and natural ingredients, rich in performing and gentle actives.

Each essential oil, phyto-active, and medicinal plant has been extracted with full respect for its active principles, combining ancient techniques with modern and advanced technologies. The production chain is 100% Italian, sustainable, to not impact the ecosystem, and does not use controversial ingredients. This means that every product is without parabens, colorants, silicones, mineral oils, or allergens.

Furthermore, to give an appropriate dress to the organic and natural formulas, all packaging is in special, recyclable glass and dark purple in color to protect the photosensitivity of the formulas rich in plant actives.

I Numeri Primi from Galeffi will give the skin specific attention, life, and nourishment, and if used in combination, they will create unique antioxidant synergies, improve brightness and tone, and restore immediate well-being to face and body.

I Numeri Primi are unique and special. Just like you.